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ICA Soldiers receive-

- The highest quality Artillery weapons(Q5s)
- Food for Extra Fights in battle
- Moving Tickets for foreign missions
- Daily Food to maintain Health
- Discount High Health Housing
- Weekly IEP Bonuses for not missing work
- Bonuses for winning Soldier of the Week
- Support in all areas of the game
- Regular Battles
- Fun and Friendship

The ICA is open for any eRepublik Citizen to join. There are no requirements in regards to Military Rank or Skill. There are no requirements on Nationality or Party Affiliation. The main requirement for membership of the ICA is to have the right attitude and willingness to work together for the good of the organisation. To be an ICA member you will need discipline, commitment, team spirit, moral courage and respect for fellow Soldiers. If you tick those boxes, apply now.

About the ICA

The ICA is a military organisation that began in the Labour Party of e-Ireland. eIreland, before the ICA formed, gave little opportunity for Irish Soldiers to practice their profession in real battle. Deployments of the national military, the IDF, were sporadic and very rare. This was mainly due to the fact that eIreland as a nation was divided on where exactly Ireland should stand on the International scene. The founding principles of the ICA were to fight for the freedom of oppressed countries and the unification of the island of Ireland by any means necessary. Membership grew rapidly and were praised for their level of organisation. Soldiers of the ICA work for a reduced wage to produce their own weapons and goods in the ICA Companies meaning they are always well supplied. The ICA has been involved in military campaigns all across the e-World, gaining recognition early on as a liberation army for their campaigns in South Africa, Australia and later South Korea. There have been many members of the ICA of Nationalities from all across the world, especially countries where they took part in extensive campaigns. The ICA operates entirely independent of any Government funding.

ICA Uniform(Avatar)

Big Jim Larkin


If you are interested in joining the ICA but would like to know more then you are welcome to join our IRC Channel to ask any questions you want. The IRC is the heart of the ICA. It is the number one method of communication between members. Whether co-ordinating with each other in battles or just joining for a chat, #eICA is an essential part of being in the ICA.

"The most important person in the ICA is not yourself.
It is the man standing next to you.
If he is not there then you are standing on your own"

James Connolly,
Liberty Hall,

Friends of The ICA

"The first time I saw the ICA was right after publishing the defence order to fight in Northern Ireland against the UK. I think it really triggered it all. As soon as these were up and that the ICA noticed we were going to get involved, Irishbhoy1967 left a comment on the article about sending us reinforcement if we needed them. It was quite timely as every soldier that would get their fight in was considered a blessing.

From this point I asked ICA members to send me PM so I could hook them up with tickets. Quite a bunch showed up for the party. And the enthusiasm from these guys was clearly perceptible.

At the time the ICA was mostly composed of younger player. What they lacked in firepower they compensated it in willingness to fight and a desire to aspire to something greater.

It wasn't long before they grew to be a very effective and efficient armed force. I'm proud to have been able to witness their first step as a mobile pawning machine!"

-Chucky Norris, Former Canadian President.

"The South African Liberation was a massive undertaking involving people from all points of the globe. IMHO it was a sort of microcosom of the larger game with ethical players doing their best to fight against outright cheating. One of the really fun aspects was seeing the coalition come together.

Over the course of a demanding 6 week period, The ICA teamed up perfectly with players from USA, Canada, SA, Australia, Croatia, Greece, Sweden and others to beat the other side like a drum. In short, The ICA came, they saw, they kicked some @ss"

-NXNW, Former CJCS United States Military

Despite their Broalliance Leanings, the IRISH CITIZEN ARMY (ICA) were here for eSKorea in our darkest hours.

Amidst the snarls and messes of geopolitics, the ICA was a lone beacon reminder that there are noble things still worth fighting for.

Getting to know the ICA brotherhood has convinced me the Irish must have been one of the lost Korean clans dating back to antiquity. Or vice versa.

-Athasnim, eSouth Korean

It was an honour to work with ICA. They were a key factor during the Bolivian liberation and the people of Bolivia will never forget their support.

-Maniek, Bolivian Minister of Foreign Affairs

"The ICA was the only group to contact SEAL Team 6 when the UK attacked. We responded in force helping win the first battle of Northern Ireland.

I have great respect for what the ICA believes in and their actions!

They not only have the best interests of Ireland at heart, but are always willing to pitch in wherever needed! Proud to call the ICA a friend!"

-Speedcat McNasty, Former Seal Team 6 Commanding Officer

"I've had the chance to meet a lot of ICA members on IRC, and on the battlefield against the *spit* UK *spit*.

These guys are always ready for a fight, and you count on them to bring the pain.

One time I joined the battlefield alongside them, only to find our enemies fleeing in terror at our arrival. I was glad to be on their side!"

-TemujinBC, Warlord of The Crimson Order

"I can tell You a lot of the ICA/BSD friendship, and of my good friend, ex BSD soldier, Irishbhoy1967 but it would take a lot more than a few words. So now, all I will say is that the ICA are our Brothers on the Battlefield.
BSD/ICA Brothers 4 ever!!!!"

Maras, Commander of BSD Croatia


Up da ‘Ca