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 Irish Citizen Army Orders Script


Orders Script

All Firefox users should get this sorted out and installed.

As soon as you get time, do it immediately.

It will be an enormous benefit to you.

Please take the time to do this, it should only take less than 10 minutes

Step 1

If you do not have Firefox, Click here and download it now

If you already have Firefox, then skip to Step 2

Step 2

Install the Firefox add-on called GreaseMonkey

Click here and install now

Note: After you install Greasemonkey you will have to restart Firefox,
 so when you do, come back to this page

If you already have Firefox and Greasemonkey then skip to Step 3

Step 3

Click here to install your Irish Citizen Army Orders

If you already have the orders, skip to Step 5 and fill out form

Step 4

Go to your Erepublik Home Page.

Go to step 5 if you see something like this-

Step 5

Click here and fill out this form to confirm if you
 installed the orders successfully or if you need help