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e-Republik is a massive online browser game where thousands of players from all over the World represent their real life Countries. The game can played in as little as 10 minutes each day and any more time you put into it after that is upto yourself. The main reason most people log on is because of the friends they make here. The ICA Community is a very strong one. The Irish Citizen Army is a Military Force that defends e-Ireland and other small countries and we need your help.

 -Go to War as Soldiers of a virtual version of your real life Country.
 -Become a Resistance Hero by liberating occupied regions

NOTE: By Joining e-Republik using the above link and playing until your Citizen reaches Level 10(40 experience points) you are already supporting the ICA. This usually takes 2-3 days at the most. We advise you to join up in the region of Cork and Kerry and begin Training in Artillery Skill.

The first few days for a citizen in e-Republik are relatively slow. Many people never return after signing up because of this. If you do return though, you will find a "New World" of massive proportions.  If you need help after you have signed up you should visit the #eICA Channel. You should also apply for membership of the ICA as soon as you have joined e-Republik.

We Look Forward to seeing you Join our Brotherhood!

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