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Grounds of The ICA
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ICA Military Base North Dakota

The ICA is based in the region of North Dakota.
If you are not in this region you should move there now.
You will not need to quit your job or Congress to Move
as North Dakota is an Irish region ingame.

Apply for a Moving Ticket

Those who do not need to move are-

-Connolly Column Soldiers
-Soldiers in Connecticut

Congress Elections

If you intend to run for congress, advise your party that North Dakota is the ICAs base and ask them to take this into account when organising Candidates regions(Connecticut is our second choice region). If you have to move to another region for Congress, make sure your party can give you a Ticket to move back after elections or purchase one yourself. However as ICA is based in North Dakota we already have a voter base in the region so that should be taken into account.