Irish Citizen Army

Grounds of The ICA
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Explanation of Duties

High Command:

High Command are responsible for Foreign Relations, setting Orders, writing Orders on forums, articles, IRC and overseeing the entire organisation.


Commander General
Responsible for overseeing and setting the duties of both Generals and to provide support and assistance to both Generals in their duties. Also responsible for checking the Supply Request Spreadsheet daily and for supplying the Soldier who made the request.

General 1
Responsible for running the companies of the ICA, ensuring they are running well and have funds and Raw Mats in them at all times. Also Responsible for keeping the supply Orgs full.

General 2
Responsible for checking the New Signups Spreadsheet each day. Dealing with New Signups, sending welcome PMs, providing support for Soldiers and directing them to work in the ICA Company that General 1 needs them in.


Captains are responsible for supplying each Soldier assigned to them with Food each day. Each Captain will have access to a supply Org that General 1 keeps full with Food at all times so that the Captains can supply each Soldier with their daily Food needs.