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PostSubject: Logs Part 1   Logs Part 1 I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 2:39 pm

Brian Boru
James Ferrin
Nogin the Nog

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Welcome to the Irish Conference Centre - This is a moderated channel. Today's Moderator is Digits. Please direct any questions to him by query only.
Topic set by Kolshire! on Sat Nov 13 2010 22:51:12 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time)
[23:20] [^_^]>: [#irishconferencecentre] Welcome to the Irish Conference Centre - This is a moderated channel. Only authorised speakers will be voiced.
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[23:21] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: just a sec Dig
[23:21] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: I've got like 50 people PMing me right now

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[23:21] Digits>: its a hard knock life
[23:21] orangejuicemmm>: for me
[23:21] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: They aren't online atm it would seem.
[23:22] Digits>: when will they be here?
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[23:24] orangejuicemmm>: Tick tock
[23:24] orangejuicemmm>: tick tock

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[23:24] Digits>: Can I just clarify for the people waiting that it was made clear to both OJ and the ICA representative that the meeting would not commence until it had been clarified and confirmed who had access to the RD org, and that person was present
[23:24] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: I'm not sure, but once things are agreed on they will be able to move things along.
[23:24] orangejuicemmm>: Was it??
[23:25] orangejuicemmm>: I don't see why he/she needs to be present
[23:25] orangejuicemmm>: I presume that person is trustworthy?
[23:25] orangejuicemmm>: and can do it when needed?

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[23:25] orangejuicemmm>: or decided?
[23:25] Digits>: So James, if you want to wait for them, that's grand, if not, can you suggest an alternative date and time when that person can be present?
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[23:25] orangejuicemmm>: Or we can just get on with it
[23:26] orangejuicemmm>: As those terms are unnecessary
[23:26] orangejuicemmm>: IMO

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[23:26] orangejuicemmm>: As an individual representative
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[23:29] orangejuicemmm>: Digits, come on ta fuck
[23:29] Digits>: If James or the person with RD access can ping me, that would be super
[23:29] orangejuicemmm>: Why thou?
[23:29] orangejuicemmm>: I'm sure the ICA have access...

[23:29] Digits>: Copy and paste
[23:29] Digits>: Can I just clarify for the people waiting that it was made clear to both OJ and the ICA representative that the meeting would not commence until it had been clarified and confirmed who had access to the RD org, and that person was present

[23:30] orangejuicemmm>: yadayadaya
[23:30] orangejuicemmm>: This is wasting everyones time, We don't need the person present

[23:30] *** petesake left #irishconferencecentre
[23:31] Digits>: It is indeed wasting everyone's time
[23:31] Digits>: That was a health warning I gave when I spoke to James yesterday

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[23:32] Digits>: Did the ICA decide on a backup rep as it seems James is AFK
[23:32] orangejuicemmm>: We did.
[23:32] Digits>: unfortunately I haven't been pinged with anything from that person
[23:32] orangejuicemmm>: One sec
[23:33] orangejuicemmm>: He should ping you any moment

[23:34] Digits>: luckily i have the barca match recorded, so i can keep an eye on that while I'm waiting for some sort of response here
[23:34] orangejuicemmm>: Ooh
[23:34] orangejuicemmm>: Keep me updated

[23:35] Digits>: well, its over
[23:35] Digits>: I know Barca won

[23:35] orangejuicemmm>: oh
[23:35] orangejuicemmm>: Sweet

[23:36] *** BrianBoru quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[23:38] Digits>: Lol
[23:38] Digits>: Can the ICA decide on a backup backup representative?

[23:38] orangejuicemmm>: Heh that was his other nickname
[23:38] orangejuicemmm>:
[23:38] orangejuicemmm>: I think

[23:38] Digits>: lol, oh right
[23:38] *** BrianBoru joined #irishconferencecentre
[23:38] orangejuicemmm>: See
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[23:42] Digits>: Right folks
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[23:45] Digits>: Unforuntately the meeting will have to be re-scheduled as one of the pre-agreements for the meeting has not been met. I invite representatives to suggest dates and times for re-convening the meeting.
[23:45] orangejuicemmm>: Nio
[23:45] orangejuicemmm>: No*
[23:45] orangejuicemmm>: I never agreed to those "pre-agreements"
[23:45] orangejuicemmm>: First of allo
[23:46] orangejuicemmm>: I have been made aware that the ICA Rep does not have voice >.>

[23:46] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: It would appear,
[23:46] Digits: lol
[23:46] Digits: sorry BB
[23:46] Digits: is it .voice?

[23:46] orangejuicemmm>: That would be helpful
[23:46] Digits>: .voice BrianBoru
[23:46] +++ [^_^] has given voice to BrianBoru
[23:46] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: That I have been exchanged as representative for Brian Boru.
[23:47] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: So,

[23:47] Digits>: sorry james
[23:47] Digits>: you seemed to be afk

[23:47] orangejuicemmm>: Also, Our back up rep is [ICA]Stilpo
[23:47] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: it is in the best interest to de-voice me
[23:47] BrianBoru>: Voice svp
[23:47] orangejuicemmm>: Okay
[23:47] orangejuicemmm>: Finally Digits
[23:47] orangejuicemmm>: I've been sitting here for ages waiting for you to give the ICA Op
[23:47] orangejuicemmm>: >.>

[23:47] BrianBoru>: I would like to request that James Ferrin be retained as an observer and be allowed to participate in formal negotiations as my No.2
[23:47] orangejuicemmm>: voice*
[23:48] orangejuicemmm>: Also, The Dail rep has said nothing >.>

[23:49] Digits>: I suggest tomorrow same time and place, if you can arrange it for the person with access to RD to be present. If not, other suggestions can be made
[23:49] Digits>: OJ
[23:49] Digits>: the meeting didnt commence

[23:49] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: *nod* As you wish BB
[23:49] Digits>: nothing needed to be said
[23:49] orangejuicemmm>: The meeting is commencing..
[23:49] BrianBoru>: Who is the Dail representative?
[23:49] orangejuicemmm>: Nogin
[23:49] BrianBoru>: Whether or not this meeting commences is entirely up to Nogin, not you Digits
[23:50] BrianBoru>: As I explained to you, the idea that we need to have someone with access to RD present is ridiculous

[23:50] orangejuicemmm>: First of all, You only told me about that "term"
[23:50] BrianBoru>: Utterly so.
[23:50] BrianBoru>: It is a technical point with zero bearing on any outcome tonight

[23:50] Digits>: I can also clarify that any subsequent meeting will also not commence until there is confirmation that the person with assets belonging to Ireland in-game is present
[23:50] orangejuicemmm>: I was never agree to it as it was ridiculous
[23:50] orangejuicemmm>: Digits, Why? Is there legislation? Who decided that? Did the President? Did Nogin?

[23:50] BrianBoru>: Digits, the Irish Citizen Army is a single entity, we do not need to have someone present right now in order to return any assets that the state feels belongs to it.
[23:50] orangejuicemmm>: I do not understand why it is necessary
[23:51] Digits>: Suggestions for time and date of next meeting?
[23:51] BrianBoru>: Nogin_the_Nog, I request that we continue the meeting in light of DIgits' clear lack of will to continue with these negotiations
[23:51] orangejuicemmm>: Now and 11:51
[23:52] Digits>: Let me confirm that Point 1 of the meeting is the return of X amount of state assets, which is why it is necessary for the person with access to said assets is there
[23:52] orangejuicemmm>: I did not agree to that
[23:52] orangejuicemmm>: never was it said they needed to be present?

[23:52] BrianBoru>: Digits, we are the one making demands here, you don't ask someone with hostages to hand them over before negotiations, do you?
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[23:52] orangejuicemmm>: I think you are stalling this for the sake of stalling it.
[23:53] BrianBoru>: Quite.
[23:53] BrianBoru>: This can be a mutually agreed settlement, we CAN reach an amiable agreement here.
[23:53] BrianBoru>: But that has to be reliant on our ability to talk
[23:53] BrianBoru>: Not whether or not we hand over any leverage we have immediately.

[23:53] Digits>: I can confirm that I said last night to both OJ and James that Point 1 of the meeting would be as above
[23:53] BrianBoru>: The Irish Citizen Army disagrees.
[23:54] Digits>: This whole situation is a bit silly tbh
[23:54] Digits>: but thats just my personal opinion

[23:54] BrianBoru>: Yeah, because you're refusing to let us negotiate on a minor technical point.
[23:54] Digits>: i also don't hold it against the ICA they my application to join was rejected
[23:54] BrianBoru>: Meh, I told you to join up >.<
[23:54] Digits>: It's indeed not minor, it equates to a large amount of money
[23:55] Digits>: anyway, we get off point

[23:55] orangejuicemmm>: Digits, As I was present when you applied for the ICA, it was made aware you just wanted supplies >.>
[23:55] orangejuicemmm>: Once again
[23:55] orangejuicemmm>: I would like to stress
[23:55] orangejuicemmm>: That as of this meeting

[23:55] BrianBoru>: Digits, again, it's about leverage and practicality.
[23:55] orangejuicemmm>: Anything i say or do is not what the Irish Citizen Army wants
[23:56] orangejuicemmm>: Brian speaks for the ICA

[23:56] BrianBoru>: We are not going to show you our hand before negotiations begin, it would be throwing away any chance of a dignified settlement on our side.
[23:56] orangejuicemmm>: I speak for myself
[23:56] BrianBoru>: Understand?
[23:56] BrianBoru>: It's simply not going to happen.

[23:56] Digits>: not quite sure i follow
[23:56] BrianBoru>: Until you can accept the concept that we are entering negotiations for the assets to be returned on an amiable basis, the ICA won't be doing anything to those assets.
[23:56] Digits>: anyway, to clarify for the final time
[23:57] orangejuicemmm>: You can clarify as much as you want, it doesn't make the statement true..
[23:59] Digits>: Point 1 of the meeting will involve the return of x amount of assets, therefore it is necessary for the person with the access to return them to be present, in order to be able to return them. Until such time as you can arrange a time and a date for this to be possible, the meeting and subsequent points of agreement cannot progress.
[23:59] Digits>: If you wish to talk about dignified settlement, I also suggest you dont refer to it as a 'hostage' situation

[23:59] BrianBoru>: Alright, nominate an org and we'll return a provisional amount of assets in order to get this meeting going to your satisfaction.
[00:00] Digits>: ah, so the person is here?
[00:00] BrianBoru>: Well Digits, the analogy is fairly apt, we have something you want, you're not getting it back until we can agree on terms.
[00:00] Digits>: super
[00:00] BrianBoru>: No, but we have other assets to transfer.
[00:00] Digits>: kolshire, you're the org man
[00:00] Digits>: if the person who is going to be sending them can ping me here
[00:01] Digits>: that would be super

[00:01] orangejuicemmm>: Wait
[00:01] orangejuicemmm>: Why do they need to ping you if the assets are being transfered?
[00:01] orangejuicemmm>: Surely that is just bureaucratic

[00:01] BrianBoru>: YEah, just link the org and get on with it
[00:02] Digits>: what org is it being transferred from?
[00:02] Digits>: im just wondering as OJ had said the ICA wasnt going to transfer any fund outside of those he himself took

[00:02] BrianBoru>: Roisin Dubh, apparently
[00:02] Digits>: unless there is a change of heart on that one?
[00:02] orangejuicemmm>: Sorry what about me?
[00:03] Digits>: ah cool
[00:03] orangejuicemmm>: I dont have anything to do with ICA atm
[00:03] Digits>: can the person who is going to transfer it ping me here?
[00:03] BrianBoru>: Anyway, you transfer while I find a couple of things.
[00:03] BrianBoru>: brb

[00:03] Digits>: i have a confirmation to take place
[00:03] orangejuicemmm>: I'm p sure the donation itself would be confirmation
[00:03] orangejuicemmm>: enough
[00:04] orangejuicemmm>: BrianBoru, Which ORG are you guys sending the money to? did digits say?

[00:04] Digits>: i have the org here, but i have a confirmation to take place first
[00:04] orangejuicemmm>: Why?
[00:04] orangejuicemmm>: Just wondering of course
[00:05] orangejuicemmm>: I in no way speak for the ICA
[00:05] orangejuicemmm>: ^ Just wanna stress that

[00:05] Digits>: i follow certain procedures that ensure security, such as when i gave out the current government orgs. Nearly two years in the game and no orgs lost, I have a good record
[00:05] orangejuicemmm>: Yeah but I don't see why linking an org is such a big deal?
[00:06] orangejuicemmm>: Surely the meeting will move far faster and smoother
[00:06] orangejuicemmm>: if you link the ORG and who ever has access can donate?

[00:07] Digits>: Still waiting for the ICA to respond
[00:07] orangejuicemmm>: ??
[00:08] orangejuicemmm>: What is the link?
[00:08] orangejuicemmm>: As a rep for myself
[00:08] orangejuicemmm>: I deserve to know were the money is going

[00:08] Digits>: Are you giving money OJ?
[00:08] orangejuicemmm>: Nope, Brian already said it is coming from Roisin?
[00:08] orangejuicemmm>: Unless I am mistaken?

[00:09] *** [ICA]James_Ferrin is now known as [Raging]James_Ferrin
[00:09] Digits>: but Roisin isnt online
[00:09] orangejuicemmm>: And?
[00:09] Digits>: 3 minutes, or we wrap up for the night and reconvene
[00:09] orangejuicemmm>: I would still like to know the ORG which the funds are going to
[00:09] orangejuicemmm>: I think everyone here deserves to know

[00:09] Digits>: well
[00:09] Digits>: as we don't know that anyone is giving funds or where from
[00:09] Digits>: ...

[00:10] orangejuicemmm>: Its coming from roisin Dubh
[00:10] orangejuicemmm>: Thats all i need to know anyway

[00:10] BrianBoru>: Back
[00:10] orangejuicemmm>: Once that Donation is confirmed we can get on with this
[00:10] orangejuicemmm>: \o/

[00:10] Digits>: yes, i would hope so
[00:10] Digits>: good man brian

[00:10] Digits>: are you the one transferring funds?
[00:10] Global>: [mink] As mentioned before, our update to the Rizon webchat ( or https/) is complete. A full list of changes can be viewed at or by harassing /msg darkex what changed mang??! If you'd like to get our ajax webchat setup on your website come see us in #help. As always, thanks for flying Rizon!
[00:11] BrianBoru: Nope, merely informing ye
[00:11] Digits>: okey doke
[00:11] Digits>: can the person who is tranferring the funds ping me here please

[00:11] orangejuicemmm>: O.o
[00:11] Digits>: 2 minutes
[00:11] orangejuicemmm>: Jesus
[00:11] BrianBoru>: We need the org to transfer, PM it to me.
[00:11] Digits>: what org are you transferring it from?
[00:12] orangejuicemmm>: O.o
[00:12] orangejuicemmm>: Has that not been disclosed already?

[00:12] BrianBoru>: Yeah, it has
[00:12] Digits>: ah cool
[00:12] BrianBoru>: Roisin Dubh
[00:12] BrianBoru>: Someone will do it on my behalf.
[00:12] Digits>: can the person who is in roisin dubh ping me here now please
[00:12] BrianBoru>: Ok, *pings Digits*
[00:12] BrianBoru>: Org please.

[00:14] orangejuicemmm>: Also
[00:14] orangejuicemmm>: Can I make sure the Dail Rep is here?
[00:15] orangejuicemmm>: I'd like her input
[00:15] orangejuicemmm>: and if she does not give it
[00:15] orangejuicemmm>: Its a 2-1
[00:15] Nogin_the_Nog>: i'm here from the start
[00:15] orangejuicemmm>: Ah grand
[00:15] orangejuicemmm>: Do you want the Meeting to continue so long as the Donation has been made and clarified from both the ICA and Digitd?
[00:16] Digits>: we've been waiting for the meeting to commence for an hour and a quarter
[00:16] Nogin_the_Nog>: i will make that call after i verify it myself
[00:17] orangejuicemmm>: If you have access to the Org that digits will not give to us
[00:17] orangejuicemmm>: Then sure

[00:17] Digits>: Well still waiting for Roisin Dubh to confirm whoever is in it
[00:17] Digits>: i deal with people, not entities
[00:17] Digits>: its not star trek

[00:17] *** BrianBoru quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[00:17] orangejuicemmm>: Or is it
[00:17] orangejuicemmm>:
[00:17] [Raging]James_Ferrin>: He'll be back in a sec
[00:17] orangejuicemmm>: ^

[00:18] Digits>: ah wondering why he didnt respond
[00:18] *** BrianBoru joined #irishconferencecentre
[00:18] [Raging]James_Ferrin>: Boru has shit connection
[00:18] [Raging]James_Ferrin>: speak of the devil

[00:24] Digits>: Excellent
[00:24] orangejuicemmm>: tick tock
[00:24] orangejuicemmm>: I sure do love progress
[00:25] Digits>: So Mr Boru, are you proposing to return the assets lodged by oj in RD org taken from the government orgs?
[00:25] orangejuicemmm>: lol
[00:25] Digits>: I think it came to 66g and 3757 IEP
[00:26] orangejuicemmm>: Once again Digits
[00:26] Digits>: lol
[00:26] Digits>: he needs voice

[00:26] orangejuicemmm>: It would be helpful if the ICA rep had voice
[00:26] Digits>: .v BrianBoru
[00:26] orangejuicemmm>: for fuck sake
[00:27] Digits>: well if he stopped coming in and out
[00:27] orangejuicemmm>: Yeah, give eircom a buzz there

[00:27] Digits>: .voice BrianBoru
[00:27] Digits>: doesnt seem to be voicing him

[00:27] +++ [^_^] has given voice to BrianBoru
[00:27] Digits>: is he registered?
[00:27] BrianBoru>: There we go
[00:27] Digits>: there we are
[00:28] BrianBoru>: I was informed that I would merely have to show that I have access, not transfer all assets back until negotiations are finished successfully.
[00:28] Digits>: who informed you that?
[00:28] BrianBoru>: I am willing to transfer some back as a provisional sign of trust
[00:28] BrianBoru>: But transferring all of them back would put us at a severe disadvantage in negotiations.

[00:29] Nogin_the_Nog>: why would it put you at a disadvantage?
[00:29] orangejuicemmm>: lol
[00:29] BrianBoru>: Because the government can probably afford to ignore any of our points if they get their assets back
[00:29] orangejuicemmm>: Come da dail
[00:29] orangejuicemmm>:

[00:29] BrianBoru>: Fairly obvious really.
[00:30] Nogin_the_Nog>: it is not the ICA's property, its the proceeds of a theft that OJ admits to
[00:30] orangejuicemmm>: Well
[00:30] Nogin_the_Nog>: and as such implicates the ICA, surely by returning it it actually helps its case

[00:30] orangejuicemmm>: Technically, by eRepublik rules it is the ICAs property..
[00:30] orangejuicemmm>: hehe

[00:30] BrianBoru>: Yes, but the reason that theft occurred is due to a political event that is disputed. The political situation must be rectified before assets can be returned.
[00:30] BrianBoru>: And Orange is right in that respect.
[00:31] Digits>: this isnt a 'whole world is against ICA' thing
[00:31] Digits>: from my point of view at least, im looking for conciliation and stability

[00:31] BrianBoru>: No, it isn't about the whole world against the ICA, we're not going to give you our leverage piece and that's final.
[00:31] BrianBoru>: It's not unreasonable
[00:32] BrianBoru>: I recognise it is not ICA property in terms of eIrish law
[00:32] BrianBoru>: But there is a political problem we need to sort out tonight
[00:32] orangejuicemmm>: ^
[00:32] BrianBoru>: And I wouldn't be doing my job if I handed over the assets and disadvantaged who I was representing
[00:32] Nogin_the_Nog>: Brian you are representing the ICA only
[00:33] BrianBoru>: Yes, and it is the ICA who holds the assets.
[00:33] orangejuicemmm>: I am representing myself, just to clarify
[00:33] BrianBoru>: To a certain extent
[00:33] Nogin_the_Nog>: OJ has to represent himself , these are 2 separte issues to be dealt with
[00:33] BrianBoru>: I consider them linked.

[00:33] orangejuicemmm>: I am representing myself.
[00:33] *** Dash- quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:33] Digits>: well from my point of view, and im not the dail representative, considering the total loss to the irish state was significantly higher, in fact, more than double, than the figure of 66g and 3757 IEP, it would seem to me that that that figure is 'transferring some of it back' as you put it
[00:34] Digits>: unless my maths is fuzzy

[00:34] orangejuicemmm>: You mean yours eyes..
[00:34] BrianBoru>: Again Digits, we are the ones with the assets legally under the eRepublik laws. We are the ones who shall decide when and where they will be returned.
[00:34] BrianBoru>: We want to return them with an amiable settlement
[00:35] BrianBoru>: But that settlement MUST be negotiated prior to return

[00:35] Digits>: indeed
[00:35] *** JS2K9 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client) cgiirc@F98CB21F.8E53F2D3.34E2E648.IP
[00:35] BrianBoru>: Or else the government can simply ignore us
[00:35] *** [Raging]James_Ferrin is now known as HugePenisBhoy
[00:36] *** orangejuicemmm is now known as shutupdigits
[00:36] BrianBoru>: Now, Nogin, can you understand why we have taken this position?
[00:37] shutupdigits>: Can I say something?
[00:37] shutupdigits>: As
[00:37] shutupdigits>: I would request that only, Brian, Myself and Nogin be allowed to talk
[00:37] shutupdigits>: As we are the representatives

[00:37] HugePenisBhoy>: ;.;
[00:37] *** shutupdigits is now known as orangejuicemmm
[00:38] BrianBoru>: I don't mind Digits being allowed to talk, but Nogin needs to be doing most of the talking to be frank
[00:38] orangejuicemmm>: Agreed.
[00:38] Nogin_the_Nog>: i considered OJ's theft seperate from the ICA issue, by linking them your also linking them to the events
[00:38] Nogin_the_Nog>: but the initial terms and conditions set down have not been met

[00:38] *** octavius-dryst left #irishconferencecentre
[00:38] orangejuicemmm>: ?
[00:38] *** Smack left #irishconferencecentre Smack@OM.NOM.NOM
[00:39] BrianBoru>: Yes Nogin, so we're dealing with the ICA issue first instead of the OJ theft issue
[00:39] BrianBoru>: That is the only difference here.
[00:39] BrianBoru>: The order of business
[00:39] Nogin_the_Nog>: the two should be seperate, unless it comes out that they are involved during the discussion?
[00:39] BrianBoru>: If the two issues are separate as you say, then we can negotiate the political settlement first
[00:39] BrianBoru>: It's not that hard.
[00:40] BrianBoru>: We accept that the two issues are separate, and wish to negotiate on the political issue first for practical reasons.
[00:40] BrianBoru>: The two are only linked by practical concerns outside of the immediate facts
[00:41] Nogin_the_Nog>: the actual events of the theft and the ica involvement in it is all that we should be concerning ourselves with
[00:43] BrianBoru>: On the contrary, are we not here to negotiate some means by which the two parties can live with each other for the good of the country as a whole?
[00:43] BrianBoru>: The ICA involvement in this was very limited to begin with
[00:43] BrianBoru>: The theft, I mean
[00:44] Nogin_the_Nog>: go on
[00:44] BrianBoru>: We need some sort of negotiated political settlement for the next government, that's what I believe.
[00:44] BrianBoru>: On top of that, certain deliberate anti-ICA actions must be rescinded
[00:45] BrianBoru>: The recent change in the wage law for a start.
[00:45] Nogin_the_Nog>: we need to put this to bed, that is agreed for the good of the country & the ICA
[00:45] BrianBoru>: Indeed.

[00:45] *** Boris_Tomic joined #irishconferencecentre ~gokingsgo@8CFFB562.A377E741.A0050099.IP
[00:45] BrianBoru>: Which means cooperation on a negotiated basis for the next government, or else political rivalries will continue and we're screwed.
[00:45] Nogin_the_Nog>: but at the same time, holding goverment funds hostage will not help your case
[00:45] *** Thatcher joined #irishconferencecentre
[00:45] *** Thatcher left #irishconferencecentre
[00:46] BrianBoru>: We are holding them precisely because the current government has elements that deliberately acted against the ICA despite little to no evidence of ICA involvement in the recent state of events
[00:46] BrianBoru>: We cannot trust the current government until we have negotiated a settlement for the country as a whole to move forward
[00:46] BrianBoru>: We will not hand over a single eurocent until such a unity proposal is concrete
[00:47] BrianBoru>: Understand?
[00:47] Digits>: just as well its not real life money then
[00:47] Nogin_the_Nog>: what elements acted against the IA??
[00:47] orangejuicemmm>: lol
[00:47] BrianBoru>: Sorry, allow me to rephrase that.
[00:47] BrianBoru>: Elements within the D�il

[00:48] Nogin_the_Nog>: but the dail is the elected representatives of thepeople
[00:48] *** [ICA]johnsnuggles quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:49] Nogin_the_Nog>: the ICA is not above it
[00:50] HugePenisBhoy>: Even the elected representative of the people can make mistakes.
[00:50] orangejuicemmm>: Also, Brian connection timed out
[00:50] orangejuicemmm>: A few seconds please

[00:50] HugePenisBhoy>: Isn't that why we're here in the first place?

[00:51] *** BrianBoru quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[00:52] Digits>: is james or brian the representative?
[00:52] *** BrianBoru joined #irishconferencecentre
[00:52] orangejuicemmm>: And Digits make sure you give him Voice this time
[00:52] Digits>: tis a bit confusing
[00:52] Digits>: also, considering this is being logged, could you change your nick James?

[00:52] orangejuicemmm>: James is Brians No2 AFAIK

[00:52] HugePenisBhoy>: I'm fillin' in while he was away. I think it's fine since you've been representing the Dail up to this point.
[00:52] Digits>: .voice BrianBoru
[00:52] +++ [^_^] has given voice to BrianBoru
[00:52] BrianBoru>: It was going so well too..
[00:53] *** HugePenisBhoy is now known as [ICA]James_Ferrin
[00:53] BrianBoru>: Eircom will pay
[00:54] *** johnsnuggles joined #irishconferencecentre
[00:54] *** BrianBoru is now known as Boru
[00:54] Boru>: Anyway
[00:54] Boru>: May we continue?

[00:55] *** BobTurkee quit (Quit: Coitus!)
[00:55] Boru>: I believe Nogin said something about the D�il being the representative of the people?
[00:55] Digits>: on phone
[00:55] Digits>: 1 sec

[00:55] Nogin_the_Nog>: yes and each TD is free to propose what he wishes under erep laws, nit like you saying keeping the money is legal
[00:56] Nogin_the_Nog>: *bit

[00:56] Digits>: maybe we should just clarify that we're all on the same page regarding the events?
[00:56] *** Boru is now known as BrianBoru
[00:56] BrianBoru>: Yes Nogin, but this is a unity proposal.
[00:57] Nogin_the_Nog>: we should be discussing the ICA's involvement in this affair
[00:57] BrianBoru>: I highly doubt that the majority of people want Ireland to be crippled with civil unrest
[00:57] BrianBoru>: Do you?

[00:57] Nogin_the_Nog>: and then OJ's after if time permits
[00:57] *** Dash- joined #irishconferencecentre
[00:57] Digits>: Brian, mind if I have the floor for a few mins?
[00:57] Nogin_the_Nog>: more threats
[00:57] BrianBoru>: The ICA's involvement in this affair is minimal to non-existent. The ICA was not consulted by OJ
[00:57] Digits>: indeed
[00:58] Digits>: lets try and establish that so we're all on the same page
[00:58] BrianBoru>: Very well
[00:58] Digits>: Can I go Brian?
[00:58] BrianBoru>: You may
[00:58] Digits>: super
[00:58] Digits>: Nogin, will I?

[00:58] ** Boris_Tomic quit () ~gokingsgo@8CFFB562.A377E741.A0050099.IP
[00:58] *** BrianBoru is now known as Brian-Boru
[00:58] Nogin_the_Nog>: go ahead you have the list
[00:59] Digits>: super
[00:59] Digits>: Brian, give us a shout if something is wrong
[00:59] Digits>: although its all referenced, so it shouldnt be
[00:59] Digits>: its like a good trinity essay
[00:59] Brian-Boru>: Heh
[00:59] Digits>: As a result of an impeachment proposal against OJ, he unfortunately “being angry and feeling betrayed”,
[00:59] Digits>: decided to meltdown/scrap 3 IDF Q3 Company’s and transferred the Gold and IEP to his own player account.
[00:59] Digits>: 165 gold and 5132 iep transferred
[00:59] Brian-Boru>: Yes.
[01:00] Digits>: He also started Wars against the UK in Wales and South East England (at a cost to the Treasury/Government of approx 68g),
[01:00] Digits>: And transferred 40 gold to Padraig Pierce, aka Irish_Rebel_Reborn which was used to start a resistance war in North Dakota against Ireland.
[01:00] Digits>: He then subsequently transferred: 3757 iep & 66g to the ICA’s Roisin Dubh Org where it still remains.
[01:00] orangejuicemmm>: ^ After a good few hours
[01:00] Brian-Boru>: Indeed.
[01:00] Digits>: The fact that the money was stolen is not disputed by him, “So I stole about 170g and 5000IEP.”
[01:00] Digits>: And the fact that stolen money was transferred to an ICA Org by one of its senior member is also without question (see above)
[01:01] Brian-Boru>: Indeed.
[01:01] Digits>: by doing so he involuntarily and from the ICA’s point of view, unfortunately, involved the ICA in a situation that was up till then, focused only on him, and his sole actions.
[01:01] Digits>: However he does appear to realise that he has done wrong:
[01:01] Digits>: “I understand now, that what I did was irrational and harmful for everyone, including myself and the people who trusted me and were close to me and for this I am sorry. I am sorry to everyone who I have offended and I am sorry for the friends I have lost.”
[01:01] orangejuicemmm>: I'd like to point out, That I gave a reason as to why I donated that money and it had nothing to do with me being a senior member
[01:01] Digits>: OJ, we're talking with the ICA atm
[01:02] Digits>: This was a starting point from which we could have tried to heal this rift until he later said:
[01:02] Digits>: “Now my ICA stance: As a general in the army, I will refuse to give back the money until the ICA is removed from this conflict completely”
[01:02] orangejuicemmm>: Sorry, just you are makin it sound like the iCA were involved..
[01:02] Digits>: It was also said that “I did not donate because of some previous plan or any other reason other than the sole reason that I felt the ICA men would benefit from this money and use it in the best possible way for Ireland.”
[01:02] Digits>: 5 questions for The ICA rep, which will hopefully clear things up:
[01:02] Digits>: 1. As it is in an ICA Org this unfortunately implies that he as an ICA Commander is holding the money hostage in the name of the ICA?? Is this the case?
[01:03] Digits>: and 2. From the ICA point of view, was this done while OJ was wearing his ICA General Cap with the aim to benefit ICA men from the action?
[01:03] Digits>: again, this is from the ICA's point of view
[01:04] Brian-Boru>: Five questions?
[01:04] Digits>: oh, ill ask the other 3 following this
[01:04] Digits>: just those two are related
[01:05] Brian-Boru>: Very well.
[01:05] Brian-Boru>: 1. No. The person in question hasn't got access to RD
[01:05] Brian-Boru>: 2. No, the ICA was not consulted either formally or informally

[01:05] Digits>: So the money is not being held hostage in the name of the ICA?
[01:06] Digits>: and 2. OJ was in the ICA's view acting totally outside the ICA's remit?
[01:06] Brian-Boru>: The money is being held pending a political settlement that will provide unity to the country. A settlement that will soon be forthcoming and with assets returned.
[01:07] Digits>: being held by?
[01:07] Brian-Boru>: The Irish Citizen Army for reasons previously explained.
[01:07] Digits>: is the ICA a political organisation?
[01:07] Brian-Boru>: No.
[01:08] Digits>: So to clarify, a military organisation is witholding money from the state for political reasons?
[01:08] Brian-Boru>: The ICA sees itself as the guardian of Irish Republicanism, and has an absolute objective of defending the Republic from all weakness.
[01:08] Brian-Boru>: That includes massive disunity.
[01:08] Brian-Boru>: Giving back the assets will not provide unity

[01:09] Digits>: and 2. OJ was in the ICA's view acting totally outside the ICA's remit?
[01:09] Digits>: sorry, we missed that one

[01:09] *** uaithne joined #irishconferencecentre
[01:09] Brian-Boru>: Yes, OJ acted inappropriately and ineffectively in our view.
[01:09] Brian-Boru>: Can you get to the point Digits
[01:10] Brian-Boru>: You are not the representative of the D�il, I may point out.
[01:10] Brian-Boru>: This is all just background to the actual negotiations

[01:10] Digits>: Brian?
[01:10] Brian-Boru>: Which I would like to get on with
[01:10] Digits>: k
[01:10] Nogin_the_Nog>: yes but we both gave him permission to read from the list

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