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 Plan for Ireland Training Wars

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PostSubject: Plan for Ireland Training Wars   Plan for Ireland Training Wars I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2012 1:50 pm

Ireland Training Wars
(Important Info for Commanders and Captains at bottom)

Ireland with our current small population will never hold down Resistance Wars in conquered territories long term. To even bother trying to hold regions would be foolish and a complete waste of resources, especially since we can just re-attack the regions and take them back right away with far less effort due to the dominance of our alliance, EDEN, at the moment. We could pour resources into defending a Resistance in (for example) Northern Ireland and win there, only to lose the region the very next day.

So basically, e-UKers and medal hunters will make easy gold starting RWs in Irish held colonies. If there is easy gold to be made, then we may as well make it for ourselves instead of allowing our enemies to.

Ireland has asked Canada for 2 extra regions in the UK, Wales and North West of England to be used for the purpose of Training Wars. The idea is to keep the UK war open as long as we can to keep a constant NE bonus and to give Irish citizens the opportunity to win Resistance Medals on a regular basis.

Ireland will circle through the 3 UK regions we hold. As long as the TW goes to plan, Ireland will no longer support holding down RWs so winning the medals will be almost assured. Hopefully UK's own damage will make Gold for Ireland Smile

There is potentially 50 gold per day to be made for Irish players starting Resistance Wars, which can only help the e-Irish economy. Constant NE battles every night will also help the economy through sales of Weapons and Food.

The basic idea is-

- Ireland will support and aim to win the Natural Enemy/MPP attacks on UK regions
- Ireland will NOT support holding the regions and will aim to lose the regions in any Resistance War that starts
- Exceptions will be from the 20-26th of every month

Plan for Ireland Training Wars B8a61z

MU Commanders and Captains: IMPORTANT INFO:
MU commanders should let their soldiers know that there are RW Medals to be won by starting RWs in Ireland's UK regions. We would prefer that Irish citizens make Gold from this rather than medal hunters and UKers. So please let everyone in your MU know so that they have a chance to participate in this. As long as the TW goes to plan, Ireland will no longer support holding down RWs so winning the medals will be almost assured. All MU Commanders and Captains should at ALL times make sure that their Daily Order is NOT set on a Resistance War in an Irish held UK original region as the aim will be to lose the region.

You can link your MU members to this topic so they can get an idea themselves of what exactly we are trying to do. Also, for any players not familiar with how to start Resistance Wars, full info is HERE

Plan for Ireland Training Wars Connol10
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Plan for Ireland Training Wars
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