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 Logs Part 2

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PostSubject: Logs Part 2   Logs Part 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 2:37 pm

[01:10] Brian-Boru>: Yes, and I'm telling him to hurry up
[01:10] Digits>: 4. Disappointment is registered that when the other administrators of the ICA found out that its Org was harbouring/holding hostage stolen funds that they did not promptly return them to the rightful place and thus remove themselves from the incident. Was this an oversight or deliberate?
[01:11] Brian-Boru>: Deliberate due to anti-ICA actions taken quickly and without prior judgment by proper authorities.
[01:11] Brian-Boru>: The word traitor was thrown around a lot without due regard for the target
[01:12] Digits>: Does the ICA acknowledge the stealing of money and melting of companies, is unacceptable?
[01:12] Brian-Boru>: No organisation is going to cooperate with people actively trying to undermine its existence.
[01:12] Brian-Boru>: In principle, absolutely.
[01:13] Brian-Boru>: As I have said
[01:13] Digits>: 5. It is further regrettable that a military force that pledges allegiance to Ireland, had members who took part in the battle, and fought against Ireland.
[01:13] Brian-Boru>: The ICA finds OJ's actions to have been inappropriate.
[01:13] Digits>: North Dakota is Irelands only high region, and they will be aware that to recover it again would be nearly impossible or too expensive.
[01:13] Digits>: We would however like to offer our sincere thanks to the ICA members who did fight on the Irish Governments side and helped us to secure ND once more for Ireland.
[01:13] Brian-Boru>: The Irish Citizen Army is BASED in North Dakota, OJ's orders were not official ICA ones
[01:13] Digits>: Will the ICA offer an assurance it will never again bare arms against Ireland in-game, and that the members which fought against Ireland will be reprimanded internally by ICA command?
[01:14] Brian-Boru>: The ICA did not officially bear arms against the Republic.
[01:14] Brian-Boru>: The ICA is based mostly in ND.
[01:14] Digits>: okay, typo
[01:14] Digits>: Will the ICA offer an assurance it will never bare arms against Ireland in-game?

[01:14] Brian-Boru>: What came over the members that fought for the RW is beyond me to be frank
[01:15] Brian-Boru>: Yes Digits, that's easily given.
[01:15] Digits>: that the members which fought against Ireland will be reprimanded internally by ICA command?
[01:15] Brian-Boru>: Agreed.
[01:15] Digits>: well thats four points agreed
[01:15] Digits>: not a bad start
[01:16] Digits>: Now we are just left with the attempted blackmail using Ireland's property
[01:16] Digits>: Are we agreed that the money should not of been taken in the first place?

[01:17] Brian-Boru>: Yes, though I must object to your use of blackmail.
[01:17] Brian-Boru>: The word blackmail, rather
[01:17] Digits>: you prefer 'hostage'?
[01:17] Brian-Boru>: We are offering a full unity proposal, that will re-intregrate the ICA into normal politics again.
[01:17] Digits>: I thought it wasnt a political organisation
[01:17] Brian-Boru>: Without an incentive, why would certain members of the D�il agree when they clearly have an issue with the ICA's existence.
[01:18] Brian-Boru>: Digits, I'm referring to the membership
[01:18] Digits>: ah
[01:18] Digits>: you'll have to make that distinction then

[01:18] Brian-Boru>: I am concerned as the representative of a paramilitary force that membership of said force provokes such sillyness.
[01:19] Digits>: And do you agree that the assets should be returned to their rightful place as a matter of principle
[01:19] Brian-Boru>: Regardless of the political nature of the force, I have a responsibility to insure that the situation changes.
[01:19] Brian-Boru>: As a matter of principle, absolutely.
[01:19] Brian-Boru>: The problem is practicality and what position that would leave the membership in
[01:20] Digits>: So the matter with which we are at is the return of the money
[01:20] Brian-Boru>: No, we will negotiate a settlement first.
[01:20] Brian-Boru>: Nogin_the_Nog, resume your duties.
[01:22] Nogin_the_Nog>: and what kind of ICA settlement do you propose - just to speed things up
[01:22] Brian-Boru>: A unity government next term
[01:23] Brian-Boru>: Rescinding any anti-ICA legislation that was passed post-theft
[01:23] Digits>: Cabinet, you mean?
[01:23] Nogin_the_Nog>: and how would you define that??
[01:23] Digits>: And in-game legislation?
[01:23] Digits>: as in-game mechanics?

[01:23] Brian-Boru>: The wage law is the only one that comes to mind.
[01:23] Brian-Boru>: Digits, again, you're not the representative.
[01:23] Brian-Boru>: You've spoken your piece.
[01:24] Brian-Boru>: Let us negotiate.
[01:24] Digits>: just clarifying, for the watchers
[01:24] Nogin_the_Nog>: but as VP he is here as my advisor as well
[01:24] orangejuicemmm>: Can I get an apology from Cas?
[01:24] Digits>: OJ, ICa time
[01:24] Brian-Boru>: Digits, shut up time.
[01:24] orangejuicemmm>: Also, Nogin_the_Nog that was not made aware to me >.>
[01:24] Brian-Boru>: OJ is a full representative, you are not.
[01:24] orangejuicemmm>: I was told
[01:25] Brian-Boru>: He is allowed to intercede in these negotiations
[01:25] orangejuicemmm>: ICA Rep, You and Myself
[01:25] orangejuicemmm>: Thank you brian..

[01:25] Brian-Boru>: NOW
[01:25] Brian-Boru>: Back to the issue at hand.
[01:25] Brian-Boru>: It is the opinion of the ICA that only a full unity government can bring stability back to the country without alienating sections of it.
[01:26] Nogin_the_Nog>: goverments are elected by the CP, we have no influence over who is the next CP
[01:26] Nogin_the_Nog>: or shouldd i say ministers

[01:27] Brian-Boru>: On the contrary, there are enough influential people here and enough who will act in favour of unity to swing any election
[01:27] Brian-Boru>: Failing that, we can just ask all candidates to agree on the settlement
[01:27] Nogin_the_Nog>: we are not here to fix elections, not that it could be done
[01:28] Brian-Boru>: Unity government isn't election fixing.

[01:28] Digits>: im pretty sure PP's select candidates for CP, and anyone can go for congress
[01:28] Digits>: in-game, what exactly are you proposing?

[01:29] Nogin_the_Nog>: Its still up to the people to elect a CP, and the minutes of this meeting will surely influence them and have a bearing on who gets elected
[01:29] *** BrianBoru joined #irishconferencecentre
[01:30] Digits>: .voice BrianBoru
[01:30] +++ [^_^] has given voice to BrianBoru
[01:30] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: Voice my partner pleaseand thnx
[01:30] BrianBoru>: Merci
[01:30] Digits>: did you miss anything brian?
[01:30] BrianBoru>: I said Indeed last
[01:30] Digits>: I can have the court reporter read it back to you
[01:30] BrianBoru>: Was anything said after your point about PPs

[01:30] Digits>: Digits in-game, what exactly are you proposing?
[01:31] Digits>: Nogin_the_Nog Its still up to the people to elect a CP, and the minutes of this meeting will surely influence them and have a bearing on who gets elected

[01:32] *** Brian-Boru quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[01:32] BrianBoru>: Nogin, the ICA wants a unity government, sees such a government as essential to creating a friendly atmosphere in the country and sees it as the only dignified outcome for its membership given the mudslinging that has happened.
[01:32] Digits>: in-game, what exactly are you proposing?
[01:32] Digits>:

[01:33] BrianBoru>: Each of the major four Departments having one ICA minister and one D�il minister (Finance, Foreign Affairs, Industry, Defence), with the VP being ICA and the President being someone agreed upon (but not ICA)
[01:33] Nogin_the_Nog>: the anti ICA feeling that was generated was because of OJ's actions and the subsequent military action by ICA members in ND which you yourself said was wrong
[01:34] BrianBoru>: Yes, but that myth will not disappear if we return the assets.
[01:34] BrianBoru>: We can't fix this just by handing it back
[01:34] BrianBoru>: The damage is done.
[01:34] BrianBoru>: The only option is unity in some form or another
[01:35] BrianBoru>: I've just expressed the ideal form to the ICA
[01:35] Nogin_the_Nog>: the ICA cannot expect the whole country to forget overnight what happened, and by making demands and holding the money hostage it further undermines its credibility
[01:35] Digits>: yes, there was something about dignified earlier
[01:35] BrianBoru>: We do so in the interest of creating a lasting unity.
[01:36] orangejuicemmm>: Is Digits still talking?
[01:36] Nogin_the_Nog>: surely the time has come fotr it to be big enough to accept that it made mistakes and must work with us to achieve a solution, not demand one
[01:36] Digits>: Is the real unity not members of all sides be willing to work with the other in whatever government is elected?
[01:37] BrianBoru>: Digits, it is the belief of many people in the ICA that many people would exclude ICA members even if we did return the assets.
[01:37] Nogin_the_Nog>: exactly digits, its working together, not trying to rig elections or hold assets hostage
[01:38] Digits>: Also, does guaranteeing ICA members government positions not make it political? (which sounds freakily like Burma)
[01:38] BrianBoru>: Nogin, if we hand over the assets, we'll be ostracised despite what you consider doing the right thing and that would simply make the game boring.
[01:38] Nogin_the_Nog>: this situation needs sorted tonight, not dragged on and more damage done to whatever credability the ICA have left, it was once a valuable asset to ireland, it can be again if it would show a bit of common sense
[01:38] BrianBoru>: It is not unreasonable to ask that we don't get backstabbed for doing the right thing.
[01:38] BrianBoru>: Nogin, we are asking for security.
[01:39] BrianBoru>: It is hardly unreasonable.
[01:39] Digits>: Brian, people elects government, it is the people's choice
[01:39] Nogin_the_Nog>: handing over the money is the right thing, we have already agreed that the ica didn't take it
[01:39] Digits>: power to the people and all that labour stuff
[01:39] BrianBoru>: The people elected Orangejuicemmm
[01:39] orangejuicemmm>: Digits, Can I request you shut up..
[01:39] Digits>: what you're looking for is a presidential candidate to say he is willing to work with ICA members
[01:39] orangejuicemmm>: and let the ICA and the Dail talk
[01:39] Digits>: oj, im representing the executive here
[01:39] Digits>: considering moo isnt available tonight

[01:39] orangejuicemmm>: You wouldn't give me the option of talking
[01:40] orangejuicemmm>: I don't think you should be given the option
[01:40] orangejuicemmm>: well seeing as Moo isn't involved in this matter
[01:40] orangejuicemmm>: You still shouldn't be talking

[01:40] BrianBoru>: "what you're looking for is a presidential candidate to say he is willing to work with ICA members" <- Essentially, one that we can rally behind as a unity candidate.
[01:41] Digits>: but brian, you know as well as anyone that a government nor a military entity can interfere in a democratic election
[01:41] Digits>: otherwise it wouldnt be democratic

[01:41] BrianBoru>: I intend to leave it to the people to decide whether they want unity or civil unrest
[01:41] BrianBoru>: I just want the top brass to back the unity candidate.
[01:41] BrianBoru>: That is not unreasonable either
[01:41] Nogin_the_Nog>: any CP candidate could say that, but none will if the ICA still holds onto funds illegally
[01:42] Digits>: I'm sure people wouldnt mind anyone being in cabinet as long as they were able, and trustworthy
[01:42] BrianBoru>: Nogin, once it is agreed that there will be a unity candidate, we'll hand the assets back, problem solved.
[01:42] BrianBoru>: And once we agree upon that candidate.
[01:42] orangejuicemmm>: Digits, Can I just point out, Ibhoy is able and trustworthy..
[01:42] BrianBoru>: Will the D�il be voting on this settlement?
[01:44] Nogin_the_Nog>: we can't force a CP candidate to pick any ministers from any party or organisation
[01:44] Nogin_the_Nog>: its not democratic
[01:45] Nogin_the_Nog>: the ICA needs to show good faith and restore peoples confidence in it again
[01:45] Nogin_the_Nog>: to do that it has to work with tmoo's administration and prove itself

[01:45] Digits>: If ICA members were willing to say they would work with CP regardless of affiliation, what problem could there be?
[01:46] BrianBoru>: Nogin, it wouldn't work like that.
[01:46] BrianBoru>: Basically, candidates would declare themselves unity candidates.
[01:46] BrianBoru>: What I want right now is simple
[01:46] BrianBoru>: One person who is definitely running for President declaring themselves a unity candidate right now.
[01:46] Nogin_the_Nog>: look, you can run your own CP candidate, but can you make him pick me as MoFa.. no its not democratic
[01:47] BrianBoru>: An apology regarding ICA activity in the theft as being talked up and not based in reality.
[01:47] Nogin_the_Nog>: if Candidates want to say they will work with xyz fine
[01:47] Digits>: practically speaking, the next election is ages away anyway
[01:47] Digits>: who declares they're running this far ahead?
[01:47] Digits>: apart from niall, ofc

[01:48] orangejuicemmm>: I am
[01:48] orangejuicemmm>:

[01:48] BrianBoru>: lol
[01:48] orangejuicemmm>: Any objections?
[01:48] orangejuicemmm>:

[01:48] BrianBoru>: *raises hand*
[01:48] BrianBoru>: Anyway
[01:48] BrianBoru>: Nogin, it is perfectly democratic
[01:49] BrianBoru>: It is merely a declaration that people running will have no problem taking on ICA members and intend to do so
[01:49] Digits>: Brian, if such a candidate was to declare so, of its own free will
[01:49] Digits>: then yes its democractic

[01:49] BrianBoru>: I'm asking that you find such a candidate willing to do so
[01:49] BrianBoru>: Not that you demand someone to do so
[01:49] Digits>: 1 sec
[01:50] BrianBoru>: And one who will definitely be running as a serious candidate..

[01:50] Digits>: lol
[01:50] Digits>: not niall so
[01:50] Digits>: just kidding

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[01:50] BrianBoru>: We want a return to normality is all
[01:50] Digits>: the CP would say he was willing to work with ICA members in cabinet?
[01:50] orangejuicemmm>: Niall will be seriously radical
[01:50] Digits>: obvously gets to pick his own cabinet and who goes where...
[01:51] orangejuicemmm>: Which borders on srs/or not srs
[01:51] BrianBoru>: Hell, sticking a few ICA men in the current cabinet would be a confidence inspiring thing
[01:51] BrianBoru>: Yes Digits, provided the ICA isn't relegated to some minor Departments.
[01:51] BrianBoru>: A nice balance
[01:52] Digits>: assuming the person is qualified
[01:52] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: if I may interject on that notion?
[01:52] BrianBoru>: Stick one of us in MoFA or something, that means that you don't have the theft risk that you all seem to be afraid of.
[01:52] BrianBoru>: Assuming the person is qualified.
[01:52] BrianBoru>: We will provide two candidates for each role
[01:53] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: Last I heard Moo was still looking for an MoFA. I was OJ's and Connell's MoFA, and if he hasn't appointed one, I'd be happy to take him up on it.
[01:53] Digits>: nah, a MoFA was appointed
[01:53] Digits>: musnt of been announced yet

[01:53] BrianBoru>: Well, that's why we have co-MoFAs
[01:53] BrianBoru>:
[01:53] Digits>: Did Moo ask you?
[01:54] BrianBoru>: Whom?
[01:54] BrianBoru>: I can't help but notice that Nogin is very quiet.
[01:54] Nogin_the_Nog>: we have got away from the main point
[01:54] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: Me, no
[01:54] Nogin_the_Nog>: elections and ministers jobs cannot be promiced
[01:54] BrianBoru>: In the current government, they can.
[01:55] Nogin_the_Nog>: what we are talking about is the missing money and the ica's unwillingnes to hand it over
[01:55] BrianBoru>: Considering OJ won the elections in the first place, it's hardly a massive problem to have an ICA man on the current cabinet
[01:55] orangejuicemmm>: Hardly missing
[01:55] Nogin_the_Nog>: hand it over then we will discuss something like this later on
[01:55] BrianBoru>: With declared unity candidates next election
[01:55] BrianBoru>: Not a chance Nogin, you can just backtrack if we do that.
[01:56] BrianBoru>: We can't take that chance, we're not going to let certain Dail members continue the dispute
[01:56] Nogin_the_Nog>: have i ever done that or done anything against you or the ica
[01:56] Digits>: also, i cant imagine a unity candidate is a dail decision
[01:56] BrianBoru>: I have full confidence in you, it isn't you I'm worried about
[01:56] BrianBoru>: I want the Dail to agree that in the next election, each candidate will declare themselves a unity candidate or not.
[01:56] orangejuicemmm>: Digits, It seems, the Dail decided the CP...
[01:56] Nogin_the_Nog>: well you co-operate with me and i'll put a dignified end to this for the ica
[01:57] BrianBoru>: Nogin, I am asking for terms of cooperation right now
[01:57] BrianBoru>: They're not unreasonable
[01:57] Digits>: in-game mechanics decide CPs
[01:57] BrianBoru>: An immediate appointment to the current Cabinet in a Big4 role, and the creation of a unity candidate category for the next election only

[01:57] Nogin_the_Nog>: and i am asking for the money back first, it is you who are holding the hostage not me
[01:57] Nogin_the_Nog>: i am willing to talk
[01:58] Nogin_the_Nog>: but only within reasonable boundries
[01:58] BrianBoru>: I have just laid out a reasonable set of demands.
[02:00] Nogin_the_Nog>: we cannot be held to ransom
[02:00] Nogin_the_Nog>: and the ICA cannot afford to be seen as holding the state to ransom, it does nothing for the image
[02:00] Nogin_the_Nog>: and what hope would it have in elections if the members were tarred with that stigma
[02:01] Nogin_the_Nog>: we need to end this now
[02:01] Nogin_the_Nog>: its involvement in anything up to now is minimal
[02:02] Nogin_the_Nog>: to escalate matters would do it no good and do lasting damage

[02:02] *** BrianBoru quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[02:07] *** Brian-Boru joined #irishconferencecentre
[02:08] : .voice Brian-Boru
[02:08] +++ [^_^] has given voice to Brian-Boru
[02:08] Brian-Boru>: Sorry folks
[02:08] Brian-Boru>: Took a bit longer that time to get back online.
[02:09] Nogin_the_Nog>: so brian, its getting late
[02:10] Brian-Boru>: Indeed >.<
[02:10] Brian-Boru>: I'm acutely aware of that myself.
[02:10] Brian-Boru>: I've placed the offer on the table, it's up to you guys to accept.
[02:10] Nogin_the_Nog>: The CP can picks his cabinet of his own free will, and it is up to the candidates themselves to declare whether they are unity or not the dail has no influence over that
[02:11] Brian-Boru>: Yes, and we are asking the CP for a concession in return for unity and the assets.
[02:11] Nogin_the_Nog>: we cannot influence it in any way
[02:11] Brian-Boru>: We can wait until Moomoohead has a say.
[02:11] Nogin_the_Nog>: the current CP or the next
[02:11] Brian-Boru>: Current.
[02:11] Brian-Boru>: I've modified the offer, remember?
[02:12] Brian-Boru>: Shall I repeat it in simple terms?
[02:12] Nogin_the_Nog>: MOo has aleady appointed the cabinet this term, so i assume your looking for a position as a guesture of good faith
[02:13] Brian-Boru>: Indeed
[02:13] Brian-Boru>: James Ferrin for Co-MoFA is preferred.

[02:13] Digits>: a say on?
[02:13] *** Wes_Lewis left #irishconferencecentre
[02:15] Brian-Boru>: Do either of you have the authority to make that kind of deal.
[02:16] Nogin_the_Nog>: problem is Moo isn't here and i can't force Moo to take him on
[02:16] Brian-Boru>: Indeed.
[02:17] Nogin_the_Nog>: but assuming it was acceptable to him - the ICA needs to
[02:17] Brian-Boru>: I propose that we move onto the second issue of OJ and reconvene tomorrow after 9pm Irish time to put the offer directly to moomoohead.
[02:17] Digits>: well i mentioned this to moo before about co-ministers
[02:18] Digits>: he doesnt want any

[02:18] Brian-Boru>: Yes, but he is capable of changing his mind
[02:18] Digits>: having said that, im sure ICA members could take a leading role in the other areas of government like community, health etc
[02:18] Brian-Boru>: You do not speak for him.
[02:18] [ICA]James_Ferrin>: In light of the circumstances he might change his mind.
[02:18] Brian-Boru>: In fact, I am unsure of who you speak for at all.
[02:18] Digits>: sure, altho i dunno who is still here or whether my internet is gone fuzzy
[02:19] Brian-Boru>: "having said that, im sure ICA members could take a leading role in the other areas of government like community, health etc" <- Yes, but we want at least one Big4 posting as a sign of good faith
[02:19] Brian-Boru>: Minor departments can be doled out pretty much piecemeal to almost anyone.
[02:20] Brian-Boru>: We want someone in a position of responsibility, to create a little trust.
[02:20] Brian-Boru>: James Ferrin is no serial robber
[02:20] Brian-Boru>: It's not like I'm asking for me to be appointed MoFA, MoF and MoI
[02:21] Digits>: thats something to deal with moo, although he already spoke to me of his dislike of co-ministers, so i wouldnt be hopeful of that one
[02:21] Digits>: i wonder whether im missing large chunks
[02:22] Digits>: there seems to be minute gaps in what people are writing
[02:22] Nogin_the_Nog>: publicly announce that OJ was wrong to take the money, was wrong to put it in the ica org and implicate the ICA by doing so, acknowledge that the ICA people who fought in ND against Ireland were wrong and apply sanctions against them all agreed before i think
[02:22] orangejuicemmm>: wait
[02:22] Brian-Boru>: Nogin, give me a prepared statement and I'll have that article up in a few mins
[02:22] orangejuicemmm>: Why would the ICA announce that?
[02:22] Brian-Boru>: Trust issue OJ
[02:22] orangejuicemmm>: ahh
[02:22] Nogin_the_Nog>: but again this would be subject to Moo's approval
[02:23] Brian-Boru>: Of course
[02:23] Nogin_the_Nog>: and the return of the money
[02:23] Brian-Boru>: Indeed.
[02:23] Nogin_the_Nog>: of course
[02:24] Brian-Boru>: Once James is appointed to MoFA, the money will be returned immediately to an org of moomoohead's choosing, and we'll all be happy.
[02:24] Brian-Boru>:
[02:24] Brian-Boru>: Normal politics restored aside from a couple of hardliners, viola, unity in the face of British oppression
[02:25] Nogin_the_Nog>: i cthink the mofa post is filled so at best it will be as junior or some other title?
[02:25] orangejuicemmm>: lol
[02:25] Digits>: can you see what im typing?
[02:25] orangejuicemmm>: ^ No
[02:25] Nogin_the_Nog>: can see you now digits
[02:26] Brian-Boru>: Co-MoFA is the offer, it's hardly a big deal.
[02:26] Brian-Boru>: We can talk with Moomoohead about specifics
[02:26] Brian-Boru>: Do you agree in principle yourselves to such a deal?

[02:27] *** Digits quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:27] Nogin_the_Nog>: i wish people would pay there phone bills
[02:27] Nogin_the_Nog>: on time

[02:27] Brian-Boru>: Why's that...
[02:27] *** Digits joined #irishconferencecentre
[02:27] +++ [^_^] has given op to Digits
[02:27] Digits>: can people see me now?
[02:28] Nogin_the_Nog>: eircom wouldn't cut them off, digits is in bother now
[02:28] Nogin_the_Nog>: yes digits

[02:28] Brian-Boru>: Digits, I could see you all along.
[02:28] Brian-Boru>:
[02:28] Digits>: ah
[02:28] Digits>: i havent been able to see anything for about 20 minutes
[02:28] Digits>: just random lines
[02:28] Digits>: where are we at at the moment?

[02:29] Brian-Boru>: <+Nogin_the_Nog> can see you now digits
[02:29] Brian-Boru>: <+Brian-Boru> Co-MoFA is the offer, it's hardly a big deal.
[02:29] Brian-Boru>: <+Brian-Boru> We can talk with Moomoohead about specifics
[02:29] Brian-Boru>: <+Brian-Boru> Do you agree in principle yourselves to such a deal?
[02:29] Brian-Boru>: * @Digits ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:29] Brian-Boru>: <+Nogin_the_Nog> i wish people would pay there phone bills
[02:29] Brian-Boru>: <+Nogin_the_Nog> on time
[02:29] Brian-Boru>: <+Brian-Boru> Why's that...

[02:29] Nogin_the_Nog>: one co minister of FA and they will give money back and publicly announce that OJ was wrong to take the money, was wrong to put it in the ica org and implicate the ICA by doing so, acknowledge that the ICA people who fought in ND against Ireland were wrong and apply sanctions against them all agreed before i think
[02:30] Digits>: im sure the current MoFA wouldnt mind having a friend
[02:30] Brian-Boru>: Indeed, as well as an official statement from the D�il or government acknowledging the ICA as having no official part in the original theft or ND
[02:30] Digits>: if moo didnt mind
[02:30] Brian-Boru>: Pretty much Digits
[02:32] Nogin_the_Nog>: thats fair enough, again all subject to moo's ok
[02:32] Brian-Boru>: Indeed.
[02:32] orangejuicemmm>: So when do I get my retirement settlement?
[02:32] Nogin_the_Nog>: that only took 3.5 hours and thats the easy
[02:32] Brian-Boru>: That's the second issue we need to discuss lol
[02:33] Brian-Boru>: Oi, a third of that was getting me org control lol
[02:33] Brian-Boru>: For who knows what reason
[02:33] orangejuicemmm>: I blame Digits for wasting an hour and a half
[02:33] Digits>: had to know you had access to the money
[02:33] orangejuicemmm>: Yet you insisted on being pinged?
[02:34] Brian-Boru>: It's fine.
[02:34] Digits>: no worries
[02:34] Brian-Boru>: Alright, the ICA-Dail issue is temporarily resolved pending approval from moomoohead (the executive)
[02:34] Brian-Boru>: Second issue, that of OJ.
[02:35] Brian-Boru>: What is the Dail's position etc on that.
[02:35] Nogin_the_Nog>: 2 mins
[02:35] orangejuicemmm>: ^ going for a shit
[02:36] Brian-Boru>: lol

[02:38] *** johnsnuggles quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:40] Nogin_the_Nog>: Brian
[02:41] Nogin_the_Nog>: its 2:40am and i have to be up early in the morning, the simple one took 3.5 hours and i need to get sleep
[02:41] Brian-Boru>: Grand
[02:41] orangejuicemmm>: Good night
[02:41] orangejuicemmm>: o7

[02:41] Brian-Boru>: We'll leave it to tomorrow..
[02:41] orangejuicemmm>: THE ICA WON!!
[02:41] Brian-Boru>: Say, 9pm Irish time?
[02:41] orangejuicemmm>:
[02:41] Digits>: mmm
[02:42] orangejuicemmm>: jokes
[02:42] Digits>: whats the story with announcements from this meeting?
[02:42] Nogin_the_Nog>: can we pospone OJ till another time, preferably ture at 11pm and by that time we will have the ICA situation all sorted as well
[02:42] Brian-Boru>: Good point.
[02:42] Digits>: are we postponing them until moo is available and the other situation is resolved?
[02:42] Brian-Boru>: We'll announce that a settlement was agreed pending Moomoohead's approval.
[02:42] Nogin_the_Nog>: tomorrow/monday night are definately out

[02:42] Brian-Boru>: Will we announce the terms?
[02:42] Digits>: media stuff that is
[02:42] *** [ICA]Stark_Hater left #irishconferencecentre
[02:42] Digits>: maybe just a shout
[02:43] Digits>: i wouldnt go article mad, its not approved yet
[02:43] Digits>: but its up to nogin
[02:43] Digits>: personally id just say things went ok
[02:43] Digits>: and we're meeting again soon

[02:43] Brian-Boru>: Ok, how about "Settlement reached, awaiting Presidential approval, Eire ab�" lol
[02:44] Nogin_the_Nog>: digits will confer with you as to the content of the ICA article and will confer with moo as to the article you need regarding the ICA's non involvement in the theft
[02:44] Brian-Boru>: Very well, as well as the ICA statement regarding OJ's action of course
[02:44] Digits>: Nogin, is just a shout ok for now?
[02:44] Nogin_the_Nog>: and both sides agree to content before either is published
[02:44] Brian-Boru>: Of course
[02:44] Digits>: I'm just a secondary character
[02:45] Brian-Boru>: Yeah, just a shout for now.

[02:45] Digits>: Moo should do it
[02:45] Digits>: Nogin, you want to shout or me?

[02:45] Nogin_the_Nog>: if you feel its needed, as long as it is clear that it is provisional ICA agreement reached
[02:45] Digits>: you're probably more friends with people than i am
[02:45] Brian-Boru>: The OJ issue is unresolved.
[02:46] Nogin_the_Nog>: so OJ on tue night at ?? 10pm or 11pm??
[02:46] orangejuicemmm>: Possibly
[02:46] orangejuicemmm>: I may not have Internet Access
[02:46] orangejuicemmm>: Though
[02:46] orangejuicemmm>: I may appoint a representative

[02:46] Nogin_the_Nog>: Brian?

Logs Part 2 Connol10
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Logs Part 2
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